Walter Neumann

Professor of Mathematics

Walter D. Neumann joined the faculty of Barnard in January 2000, having previously held a Personal Chair at the University of Melbourne, Australia. He has had continuous research funding since 1976 from the National Science Foundation and the Australian Research Council, resulting in over 120 research articles and monographs in geometry, topology, and group theory. He is managing editor of Geometry & Topology, the leading journal in its field, is on the editorial boards of several other research journals, and is a member of the board of directors of the nonprofit Mathematical Sciences Publishers (Berkeley). He is on the Human Rights Committee of the New York Academy of Sciences; in 2002 he was elected to the European Academy of Sciences.

Professor Neumann's teaching specialties include combinatorics, modern algebra, algebraic topology and modern analysis.

Selected Publications

"The end curve theorem for normal complex surface singularities," with J. Wahl, Journal of the European Mathematical Society Vol. 12 (2010).

"Separating sets, metric tangent cone and applications for complex algebraic germs," with L. Birbrair and A. Fernandez, Selecta Mathematica Vol. 16 (2010).

"Quasi-Isometric Classification of Graph Manifold Groups," with J. Behrstock, Duke Mathematical Journal 141 (2008).

"Length and Eigenvalue Equivalence," with Chris Leininger, et al., International Mathematics Research Notices (2007).

"Analytic Realization of Links," with Anne Pichon, in Intelligence of Low Dimensional Topology 2006 (World Scientific Publishing, 2007).

"Complete Intersection Singularities of Splice Type as Universal Abelian Covers," with J. Wahl, Geometry and Topology Vol. 9 (2005).

Three-Dimensional Link Theory and Invariants of Plane Curve Singularities, with D. Eisenbud (Princeton University Press, 1985).

Academic Focus: 



Geometric group theory




Ph.D., University of Bonn, Germany

B.S., M.A., University of Adelaide