Why Major in Mathematics?

There are many reasons

Some choose the subject because it is beautiful, others because it is practical and yet others for some combination of these reasons. Mathematics is wonderful training for the mind, a great training if you are thinking of being a lawyer for example, and it has an increasing range of applications, from the study of the genome and climate change to financial mathematics and medical statistics.  Mathematics has always been the language of physics, and, with the advent of computer modeling, is an essential component of almost all science.

An undergraduate degree in mathematics opens the door to many professions and to graduate study in a wide variety of disciplines. The American Math Society's site shows the variety of careers open to people who major in math-related fields.

Come talk to one of the Barnard mathematics faculty members if you have any questions.

If you are interested in possibilities for summer mathematical research, check out our research opportunities listing.

This page also contains some links to various organizations for women in mathematics.

Changes to the Majors:

see the online Catalog for full details

The Mathematics Major now allows substitutions in both the Modern Analysis and Modern Algebra sequences.

There is a new Major called the Major in Mathematical Sciences. This major combines the elements of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics.  It is designed to prepare students for employment in business, administration, and finance, and also give excellent background for someone planning graduate study in a social science field. Students who plan to obtain a teaching qualification in mathematics should plan their course of study carefully with an advisor, since courses that are too far from mathematics do not count towards certification.


Calculus Coordinator: Dusa McDuff

Prof. McDuff is happy to answer any kind of question about Calculus, either conceptual or about placement in sequence. Please come to one of her office hours or email her at dmcduff@barnard.edu for an appointment.

Computer Science

We have started a Computer Science Help Room for Barnard students interested in computer science.
Computer Science Help Room Hours are held in Milbank 222.
Mon 8-10 pm
Tues 8-10 pm
Wed 6-8 pm
Fri 5-6 pm